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New Game......Whatever Happened To ???


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The first person asks the question 'What ever happened to ----? (Can be actor, TV show, grocery item etc.)

The next person, posts what happened and then posts their own what happened to question.

I'll begin....

What ever happened to Linda Carter, aka Wonder Woman ?

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actually saw an interview with Lynda Carter about a year ago, talking about being Wonder Woman.

She's still acting, and I most recently saw her in Hope and Faith (sitcom) last year.

Here's a picture of her with her family. She looks great!

http://www.imdb.com/gallery/granitz/497 ... r,%20Lynda

Now...who knows whatever happened to Mikey from the cereal commercials???

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John Gilchrist AKA Mikey survived the pop rock soda myth that that was the cause of his death. Was not the cause. Jihn is an advertising Account Manager for a New York city radio station

Hall and Oates are on tour in the Northeast this summer doing Concerts

Whatever happened to Elvira???? :lol:

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Loretta Young

Field: Entertainment

Info: She had a seventy year career in show biz, she hosted and appeared in "The Loretta Young Show" on TV and starred in the movie "The Farmer's Daughter"

Date of Birth: 01/06/1913

Date of Death: 08/12/2000

Age at Death: 87

Cause of Death: Cancer

Ok, what ever happened to Twiggy?

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Twiggy born Twiggy Lawson in 1949 in London and went on to become a internationally famous Model and Actress. She is currently very active in Animal welfare and a anti Fur wearer owner activist, and breast Cancer awareness......

"What ever happened to Edward kookie Burn's" of 77 sunset strip tv show....

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