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UPDATE - on Dad

Guest nhnikki

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Guest nhnikki

UPDATE - on Dad

The medicine for the nausea seems to be helping he ate a cup of chicken noodle soup however he couldn't get out of bed for his chemo treatment, I guess it makes you sleepy onto of him being sleepy already. The Dr said to come in any way to make sure he wasn't dehydrated and he did go in a few hours later and his oxygen level was good, his white count was good and he is not dehydrated so that is all good news and they will just do the chemo next week which I hope is ok. When they weighed him he actually has lost 35lbs since 1/25/07. That is just crazy.

By the way my Dad is 58 and has smoked since he was 14.

I am leaving in the morning for our trip down and hope to enjoy our time together.

THank you all for listing to me.


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Hi Nicole,

I hope you have a safe trip and a wonderful time together with your dad. I would ask his doctor about Megace or other appetite enhancing prescriptions to help him put the weight back on. Also, it could be a matter of convenience.

My dad never felt like eating (he had ALOT of nausea too) but I found that if I left ready to eat snacks on the table in front of the sofa where he was laying or watching TV, he would pick at it and eat bits and pieces throughout the day.

This worked well for us becuase his never "felt" hungry really, and if we would "ask" he would always say he wasn't hungry- this way the food was already there and he could stick something in his mouth when the feeling hit or when he was bored.

Also, protein and energy drinks like shakes and ensure and boost helped too.

Have a safe trip and post an update when you get back!

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