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Mom is back in the hospital


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She went night before last because of pain in the heart area and not being able to breathe. She hasn't felt good ever since they drained that fluid a few weeks ago.

She's on her way right now to a different, much better hospital. They're saying inflammation. They don't really know anything yet. She'll have blood cultures done again because the hospital she just left said soemthing was growing, but that it could be from contamination...??? o..k... So, who knows...

I just want her to feel good again..

I'll update ya'll when I know more...


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Don't want to hear this news, Christy!!!!! Prayers are underway as I type that all will be resolved quickly with the desirable outcome. I do so hope it will be a fixable problem. Let us know as soon as you do. In the meantime, dont' forget the #1 rule here..............BREATHE.



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Well, spent the morning with her. They have her on a heart monitor and a constant blood pressure reading too because her bp is so low.. 74/47.. It was 90/55 when I left. The doc is thinking dehydration is the cause of that so they have her on iv fluids. I don't know how she could be because she is so good to drink lots of water... Anyway, we still know nothing.. I know she's edgy and wanting outa there real bad! lol I bet we won't know much since it's the weekend...

I'll update ya when I know more.. :) thanks for listening and thinking of us.

ya'll are great.


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I'm glad they have things under control!! Continued prayers for you and your mom!

God Bless!!


BE ENCOURAGED: Nothing about cancer can seperate you from God's presence; keep looking for Him in unexpected places. Excerpt from the book, "When God and Cancer Meet"

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