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Hello Family/Friends I loss the updated message I placed


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I just want to thank all of you for your support with this thing called Cancer.

You know that I went back to work and its good and I feel weaken towards the evenings but I do rest.

The Job has cause some stress due to two people wanting my postion, One quit, and the other one put in an untrue statemnt about my boss, because he was not given the position. I never thought that others was so mean as I worked with them for at least 2 years.He may have lost his job for making false statement. that would bring us to an ssmall work force and I may have to go out again based surgen.

Question? do anyone know how long it would be after removed cancer from chest.

here we go, if its not this it will be that.

I still have the CT-Scan & PET-Scan scheduled and discuss with surgem this week Mon. TUES and see him Thurs to find out whats what.


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Mu husband has surgery on 10/9, prior to any chemo. I would definitely say that he found surgical recovery easier than he later found chemo to be. He did not have significant complications,and was out for 6 weeks. If he had a job that did not involve lots of physical activity, he probably could have gone back in 4 weeks.

Regardless of any "drama" going on at your workplace, you know that you have to put your health first. Is your place of employment subject to FMLA laws that would require them to hold your job for you while you are recovering? Good luck - you're pretty tough so far, I think you will recover from surgery like a pro!

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I had my surgery on July 1, 2005. I was back at work teaching high school at the end of August, 2005. I was still sore but fine. I noticed that I walked alot slower, I could not pick up heavy boxes of books and I sure did not want a pat on the back from anybody. I had 6 weeks of chemo and radiation before surgery. I had two sessions of a much stronger dose of the same chemo after surgery. My infusions were three weeks apart. I would schedule my chemo infusions on Fridays. I would take Friday off of work and have the weekend and Monday if needed. I also took Alleve pain pills before the pain from the chemo set in that really helped me and I did not have the constipation that can happen with the prescription pain medication. I continue to pray for the best for you and your wife.


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