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very high blood sugar caused by decadron


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My husband has sclc with mets to brain and liver, he's receiving chemo and had 10 wbr treatments, Two weekends ago he had a feeling of blurred vison and the doctor said to start him back on decadron, we had weened him off. We went back to the dose he began with, last weekend he had blurred vision and said he felt like a film over his eye, So I called again and they said to add another 8mg of decadron. We were now at 24mg. It did not help, I asked for his MRI to be moved up from March 8 to see what was happening and they didn't want to do that. He continued to feel terrible, constantly thirsty very blurry vision shaky hands extreme tiredness and weakness, I call our other doctor, one does radiation and another chemo, Thankfully they squeezed us right in and by the end of the day yesterday they called and said his blood sugar was 490, our family doctor had me come over and gave me a monitor and showed me how to test, and also pills to give him if he needs,.Our chemo doctor wasn't very happy that the radiation doc raised the decadron that high without checking him out. Long story short He is finally feeling a little better today and I hope a little better everyday, atleast to the point where he can be up and enjoying life.

Thanks again for listening and all the support I receive here, Maybe this information is helpful to someone else, because of course I was thinking all kinds of bad thoughts, and atleast this time was relieved it was something we had some control over.

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This is a tough call for caregivers. We push and push to try and get docs to listen (who knows the patient better than us??) I'm glad somebody addressed the situation. Hope he continues to feel a little better.

Keep fighting and God bless you and your husband.


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Mom had the same issue last week--also attributed to the decadron. Her blood sugar went up to 391, and is now back at 103. She has a home health care nurse who tests her blood for her.

We were surprised by this as well. Mom had to go without chocolate for two days! Now that's just cruel.

:) Kelly

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