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Medical Onc Visit


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Saw the Onc the other day. He said he goofed up and made my appointment to early, since I was still in radiation therapy. They had me do a CAT scan anyway and read it pretty quickly. Seems the nodule is slightly smaller and according to the Doc doesn't look as dense. Hopefully the treatment is working and this will be the end of it. Still tired and plugging along. Sorry I haven't been around. With the loss of Frank recently I just haven't been myself. I am still trying to cope with it.


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Yeah.. at least it isn't any bigger Ralph. it takes time for the darn thing to go away. i think you will have to monitor it for a while. I think you have a pretty good shot at getting rid of it. I still hope that my treatment worked and I got rid of mine. I will find out in 2 weeks.

Don m

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Good to hear from you Ralph. Things do seem to be looking up for you, but I know how tired you must be. You've been on this treadmill for awhile. Hang in there friend and know there are better days ahead for you. Wishing and hoping for great results!


Welthy (Debi)

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