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Almost in remission


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:lol: I went to Duke yesterday & Dr.Garst told me the same thing that Dr.Magrinat. Almost in remission. For a moment I thought that I was going to start with Tarceva but they preferd to wait & let my body rest for 3 month & since there is nothing lit on the PET have to wait and see. They put me in seroids because the Taxotere put some liquid in my lungs & the radiation provoc a pneumonitis.I know I should be jumping for such a exelent news but I am still afraid & I really don't want to. I really, really want to forget about this thing.

Thanks for listen & have a good weekend.


02 diagnose Stage IB

surgery & no other treatment

06 recurrence

V16 Cisplastin & radiation at the same time

Taxotere 3x3

Pet & Cat 2/7

now wait & pray

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