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One of the greatest gifts in this world

Nick C

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I can completely relate to what you just said... the other day, I was home alone, and just wanted to say "Daddy" and have him answer me. I stood there feeling absolutely alone.... It is strange how some of the simpliest things in life, can be missed so immensely... just having our parent answer us.

I hope today moves along smoothly for you, missing her is a good thing, it means she is very close in your heart. Sharon

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So true. God how I miss hearing her voice and her telling me, "I love you, honey." I try to tell myself we were all blessed, for however too short a time.

Nick, I've said it before, but I can only hope my sons love and respect me so openly later in life as much as you do your mom...she was a lucky woman. Not to say that boys don't show their love to their moms, but you know what I mean... You should take some comfort in what a good son you were to her...it's all a mom hopes for in life.

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I too know what you mean. I would love to say "dad" and hear his voice answer me.

I have a phone message he left me that I put on my tape recorder. Every once in a while I play that message just to hear his voice talking to me. Oh how I miss my dad!

Nick, I agree with the others that your mom was very lucky to have such a loving and caring son. It shows how much you cared in every message you write.

Take care and I hope with time the pain lessens for all of us.


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(((NICK))) I was thinking this morning, of her puttering around her house, lighting candles, stoking a fire, knitting on the couch, waiting for me to come once the kids were dropped off at school. I would call her and tell her I was on my way.... "MOM.. you have to get up and unlock the door, I love you"... Wednesdays we stayed in together, my friend would pick the kids up from pre school and keep them for the whole day so we would just sit and talk or snuggle or snooze. She would tell me mostly about when she was young. I think she dreamed her heaven would be back on the farm with her mom and dad and she would be 13 and carefree again, instead of 57 with the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Oh what I would give for another Wednesday next to her.

I was at church this weekend and a mom daughter and granddaughter were all together and the little girl crawled into her grammas lap and whispered "gramma I love you". I had to get up and leave.

Holy Smokes I ramble don't I?

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You reminded me of something.

When I moved away and I was going to my mother's unexpectedly I would call and say, "Mom, I'm coing home, don't shoot me."

My mom carried a gun, so I knew if I were perceived as an intruder I ran an awful risk...

Rememebering this fact made me smile. She loved telling people that's what I would do when I came over. She had a great sense of humor.

I have to say I am also very affected when I see mothers and grown sons, or grandmothers with grandchildren.

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