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Can your counts go down months after chemo is over?

Remembering Dave

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Hi, Karen C. here - asking for Dave. I'm at work and he's at home, totally miserable, he WAY overdid it this weekend. His last chemo treatment was the end of July (he did make it through all six treatments, however) and he finished up his PCI a week ago Wednesday. Granted, he did overdo it BIG TIME this past weekend and maybe he is just plain ole' exhausted - but I'm thinking he should get his blood counts checked TODAY. He did have to have one transfusion after the 4th chemo treatment, am wondering if he needs another one. The last time he got his counts checked was a week or two after his last chemo and then a week or two ago again. They had gone up slightly but were still a tad low.

We took Faith to the Virginia State Fair on Friday and walked around for about 4 hours, then took her to the Crab Carnival (good clean fun, small town street fair) on Saturday and walked around for about two hours, stood and watched a parade, etc.

Now he's beyond tired. He really seems weak.

Any suggestions/experiences? :?::!::idea:

Thanks a bunch,

Karen C.

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Hi, Katie, and everyone else looking at this -

Dave talked to one of the oncology nurses yesterday afternoon. She told him that overdoing it like that on its own would not bring his counts down, that he was probably just physically worn out. I didn't realize this, either, but he had a count check a week or so ago and they looked "great". They won't let "guests" in the lab area with the patient so I sometimes miss out on these things, Dave said the doc mentioned it when I was there but sometimes he can be a bit softspoken so I must have missed it.

I think he may be a little dehydrated so he's drinking lots of gatorade and water. But he feels better already, I think just hearing he's probably OK from the nurse helped lift him up. He felt well enough this morning to take Faith to get her hand x-rayed (she was born with an extra thumb and we are consulting with a surgeon about having it "repaired").

thanks everyone,

Karen C.

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