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Looking for help for my Dad

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Hi my dad is 70 years old and was recently diagnosed with adenocarcinama. In October he went in the hospital with some heart problems. They did a chest x-ray and at the time nothing showed up. Now after going back in for a persistant cough we are told he has a tumor about 4 cm in size. I don't understand how it could have grown that rapidly. Because of his overall health sergury and chemo are not options at this time. He's going to begin radation next week. Has anyone just had radiation? My dad means so much to me and now I'm living one of my worst nightmares! He has been through so much in his lifetime and now this. I am desperate and grasping for any hope. I hasve been looking in to CAM. Does anyone know anything about them or have had any experience with them? I am so scared at what he is going to go through.

Thank you for listening and any help you can offer. God bless you all.

p.s I finally updated my profile (thanks to some help)

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Sorry to hear about your dad. In my case they could not use radiation or surgery. Some chemo like Tarceva and Avastin has a lot less side effects. I had no bad side effects from any of my chemo. I am about the same age as your dad. I’ll be seventy in March. I would consider getting a second opinion. I think complimentarily and alternative medicines work best when used in addition to the traditional treatment with the approval of your oncologist. I take a lot of supplements and herbs. I checked them out with my oncologist first. Maybe you could give us a little more info about your dad Stage etc.

Stay positive, :)


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If your dad just has the one 4 cm tumor in his lung, he is very likely a candidate for cyberknife surgery. Cyberknife surgery is often done for those who cannot have conventional surgery and can be curative if the cancer is early stage. Here is a link where you can ask radiation oncologists about your dad's situation:


Don M

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Thank you for your help. I've never heard of cyberknife. My dad just met with his oncologist last week for the first time. My sister went with him (she's the strong one), but she said he didn't give her a stage. I will certainly ask about that procedure. I too feel a second opinion would be wise (maybe even a third). My dad is a very strong willed man (God bless him). That is the only way he has survived what he has. About 15 years ago he had a noncancerous brain tumor removed. Then, about 5 years later he under went triple bypass surgery. Since then he has been struggling with a noncurable disease called Myastheniagravis. It makes him very weak. That is another reason I felt maybe some CAMs or herbs might be benificial. I just don't want to interfere with his radiation or other meds. I fear for what the future holds and how he is going to be. thank you again for listening and your help. God Bless.

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Hi and Welcome. You don't know yet what stage your Dad's cancer is and that could be important as to how they determine treatment. My husband was 69 when diagnosed, he's 70 now, and apart from the cancer was in very good health. We sought treatment locally and came away very troubled with the treatment plan and the attitude of the oncologist so we sought a second opinion at a comprehensive cancer center (see profile) If there is a major cancer center near you, I would strongly suggest you get a second opinion. That way you can compare diagnosis & treatment plans, plus the level of professionalism. There is treatment and there is always hope. Good Luck & God Bless


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