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We are getting close to the end....

Marco Jo

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HI Everyone-

Well, we though Jeannine would come home a few days ago. She finished rt on her lung and was walking the stairs,preparing to come home. But all of a sudden she started to get pain in her back and legs.They were going to do rt to her pelvis for this- then she bacme quite confused, and the doc discovered that her ammonia level was high, which meant her liver tumors were acting up- they gave her latchulose to get the ammonia out. It seems that she is not coming home after all. All of a sudden things turned. They moved her into a private a few days ago, and I have been spending the nights (and days) in the hospital w/her. We have had many family and friends visit. She struggles with the pain both physically and emotionally. She understands what is happening, but is also confused. It is a challenging time. My heart has been breaking. She feels bad that other people are hurting. That is who she is.

Her sons, who are 17 and 23 have been here everyday, and are doing such a good job of being here for her. Although it is really painful some of the time, I am grateful that we are getting to process together.I just hope she will not have to struggle too long. She doesn't deserve it. She is such a good person.

The nurses on this floor are so gentle, respectful and kind. And I am so glad that they got to know her in the past couple of months.

I am even writing from a laptop they put in her room.

I tried a few weeks ago to put up some pictures of us, but couldn't make it work, not sure why.

I am now 27 weeks pregnant! thank God for this little baby- he is getting me through. I am sorry my sister won't be here when he is born, but of course, I know she will be with me in other ways.

Sorry for rambling-i am sure you all, understand.

Marco Jo

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