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May not be cancer


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Two weeks ago I had a spot show up on my hip from a PET scan. Today I met with my oncologist. He believes that the spot that showed on my PET scan could be from my running. It may be a small stress fracture. He said that it would be very unusual for cancer to show up in that area with nothing anywhere else. At the end of March we will redo the PET scan. There will be no more running till after the PET scan. He told me to take Advil the week before to eliminate any inflammation. So at least there is no positive indication that it is cancer at this time. I now have to find something else to do for my aerobic exercise, maybe elliptical or rowing machine.

Thanks for all the prayers.

Stay positive, :)


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I was just thinking about you today, wondering if I had missed the update. I am so glad he thinks it is nothing. I HATE that you have to wait until the end of March. I guess I am a worrywart!!!

You will miss the running with that fab bod of yours :D

Stay strong Ernie! So, so glad we don't have anything to worry about!


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