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no surgery or chemo lung partially collapsed


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My dad was recently diagnosed. He was told that his tumor is inoperable and because of his overall health he can't have chemo. He is going to begin radiation next week. From the postings I'v read it seems that most people have had chemo as a treatment. Is there anyone that was told they couldn't have chemo? If so, what was the outcome?

Perhaps if they are able to shrink the tumor with the radiation chemo may become an option???? I know we should get a second opinion (even go to a comprehensive cancer center), my question is at what point? This is all happening so fast. He was just diagnosed 2 weeks ago, saw the oncologist last week and is scheduled to see the radialogist this week. We pushed my dad for a month to go to the doctors for his cough. So I feel we already lost valuable time and I don't want to lose any more. Should we consider holding off on the radiation until we get another opinion or see how he does with that first? Has anyone had the cyberknife? Is that still an option even after other treatment? Perhaps if he had gone to the doctors sooner they could have cought it before the lung collapsed??? Can that be repaired? I don't know much on this matter (except what I learn from you and other sources). My dad is always trying to protect me so all he says is "nothings wrong" even when I know better. Thanks for any insight and help you can offer. God Bless you all!

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When you see the radiologist you will get some definite answers about what they can do. You can also ask about cyberknife etc. at that appointment. I would schedule a second opinion now. It seems there should be some medical options open to him such as Tarceva or one of the more milder chemos. My MIL is in her 80's and had only radiation to her tumor and has been doing well.

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