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:roll: Hi, another question. Sometimes I think nothing stick in my head. When cancer recurrs, recurrs for ever? or you have the chance that will never came back? I am talking about chemo & radiation only.

Thanks bucky

Stage IB 2003 only surgery

Recurrence sep 2006

Cisplastin V16 2 rounds every day

Taxotere 3x3

Wait & pray x 3 month

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I think the lingo is a little vague when we talk about recurrences. I think technically a recurrence is the same cancer popping back up. If that happens, the odds are that it will pop back up again, but not always. If you have a new primary instead of a recurrence, then your chances of never getting another cancer are better. I think that generally speaking, if you have another cancer in a a year or less, it is probably the same cancer. In my case I have had two cancers come back within 2 years of the original cancer. the pathology of the second cancer described as being slightly different from my first cancer, but I am told that the cancer can mutate, so there is no knowing for sure. I never had a biopsy of my 3rd cancer, but the odds are that it is a recurrence. However, I prefer to think of it as a new primary and that I won't have any more cancers. My last 2 scans have show no new disease, but their is still uptake at the site of my 3rd cancer. I have another scan March 12. I am convinced that the uptake will be gone, the tumor greatly diminished and no new disease.

Don M

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Barb had posted this information in another Forum. I broght it here to share it with you.



Dear HealthTalk member,


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Understanding and Coping with Recurrence

Dealing with cancer the second time around can be even harder than the first.

Join in tomorrow's live show as we talk about recurrence with treatment specialist Dr. Lawrence Shulman and Doug Ulman, President of the Lance Armstrong Foundation and three-time cancer survivor. Learn about common types of recurrence, find out what steps to take to get the treatment you need and get expert strategies for finding support along the way.

And, as always, you'll get a chance to ask the experts your questions.

Last chance - register now

Date: Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Time: 4:00 p.m. PST / 5:00 p.m. MST / 6:00 p.m. CST / 7:00 p.m. EST

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Day-of event link: http://www.healthtalk.com/cancer/progra ... /index.cfm

Print out this e-mail to help remind you of this show.

How to participate online:

It’s okay if you haven’t registered prior to the show – we’d still love for you to attend.

On Tuesday, March 6 approximately 10 minutes prior to scheduled show time, access the following Web address from any computer: http://www.healthtalk.com/cancer/progra ... /index.cfm

Be sure to install Media Player for Mac or Windows and test it before the show. Find easy download instructions at http://www.healthtalk.com/wmpdownload.cfm.

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