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AstraZeneca explores 2nd-line therapy for lung cancer; to


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start Zactima 4th phase III trials


Posted on : Tue, 27 Feb 2007 12:13:00 GMT | Author : Jayesh P. Yadav

News Category : Health

NEW YORK: Leading drug maker AstraZeneca PLC said it would begin clinical trials of its experimental drug Zactima (generic name: vandetanib) on late-stage lung cancer patients in 20 countries to determine and compare its efficacy when taken with chemotherapy drug Alimta.

In its press release today the British drug maker said it would commence the fourth in a series of Phase III clinical trials in an international study on non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients who showed no improvement after first-line treatment. Patients with locally advanced or spreading NSCLC would be divided into two groups. The study involves administering Alimta (generic name: pemetrexed) with vandetanib to one group and Alimta with a placebo to the other. Cancer drug Alimta was developed by Eli Lilly & Co.

The R&D effort titled Study 36 will compare the improvement rates, tolerance and safety levels between the two groups. Dosage would be 500mg/m(2) of pemetrexed plus one tablet of vandetanib and the same dosage of pemetrexed when given with a dummy pill.

AstraZeneca's key researcher for vandetanib Dr Peter Langmuir explained that patients with advanced stages of NSCLC do not benefit from first-line treatment. Such patients also respond very poorly to further treatment. The company aims to introduce combination therapy – of chemotherapy with Zactima “in order to further progress treatment options for patient benefit” Langmuir said.

The therapy's effect will be assessed with various parameters: duration of response, change in symptoms, time over which the change takes place, safety and tolerability of the combination, objective response rate and overall survival.

The experimental drug Zactima is a multi-targeted formulation aimed at inhibiting the main cells responsible for the spread and growth of malignant tumors. At least 508 patients 18yrs and older, and having the disease will be enrolled for the clinical study.

Medical science has achieved less success in treatment for lung cancer compared to other forms of cancers. More cancer deaths in the US have been found to be caused by lung cancer.

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