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What Cancer Cannot Do

Frank Lamb

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Here's a poem I got in one of my cards that I wanted to share with you. Cancer is limited It cannot cripple Love It cannot shatter Hope It cannot corrode Faith It cannot destroy Peace It cannot kill Friendship It cannot suppress Memories It cannot silence Courage It cannot invade the Soul It cannot steal eternal Life It cannot conquer the Spirit Connie, Frank Lambs wife

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Connie, that's such a beautiful and true poem. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I know those words will be an inspiration for many here on this board. Plese keep in touch with us whenever you can. I think of you so often and wonder how you're doing.

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Thanks Connie. Sometimes I forget what cancer cannot do.

God Bless You!!


By the way,

We are giving an award at Plying for a Cure in Frank's memory. This has been donated by a member of the board. Is it okay to use his story? and if so could I get a picture from you? Thank you!! Let me know if you need the e-mail.

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Hello Frank!

That was a nice poem you put on the site. I had half of the right lung removed Jan. 2004. I refused chemo and radiation as I wanted to feel as well as I could. Plus they said there was only a five percent chance chemo and radiation would help. I am feeling pretty well yet. Miraculously my cat scan last Jan. and chest xray in September were okay. They said I had stage 3A and found a bad lymph node in the mediastum when they did surgery. I sometimes wonder if the chemo and radiation doesn't just shrink tumors temporarily. You certainly were a lot braver than me to go through the treatments. Hope you are eating well and getting around okay. My cousin had chemo for breast cancer and now she has bad trouble with her eyes because of it. She is only about 58. Everyone has a twin and you look a lot like my friend's husband Terry. Behave yourself!


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