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scan friday


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Mom goes in for her first CT since she began treatment. I th ink I'm more nrevous than she is about the results (I think that may be because she's so sure they will be positive) I just worry that after all the hard work she's done that we're gonna hear that the tumor is still there, bigger, more evil, grown legs, hair and a face - aaarrggghhhhh!! I know all we can do is hope for the best - my freaking out won't change the results- it's just that she's been such a trooper, and I think is expecting such dramatic results -I don't know I guess I just don't want to see the look of disappointment if the results aren't what she has hoped for.

BUt then again, maybe she kicked this thing, and the results will be better than anyone could have hoped for - yeah, I like that scenario better :-)

I have read so many posts with similar sentiments - now I think I have an inkling of the pre test angst

OK, t hat's enough - thanks for listening!


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