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Swelling in the legs


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Anyone else suffering/suffered from edema in the legs?? (see his cancer journey at the bottom)My dad was dx with a very small DVT in his leg, but is on Lovenox tx for it....but now his legs are quite swollen. Never had any cardiac problems in the past and the MD doesn't seem concerned....just put him on hydrocholrathiazide....anyone have any thoughts? I don't want to miss something. Thanks.

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Teresa, yes, my wife has had the leg swelling problem. It seems to come and go. She is presently on Lasix and Potassium to relieve the swelling. She may have to go to surgical stockings this time. The onc thinks some of the lymph system was damaged during radiation, and that makes it harder for the body to remove the liquid. When she has the swelling, she has to use a walker, but can go to a cane or nothing when the swelling subsides. It is also hard for her to put on her socks or stockings when the swelling is significant. I try to get her to routinely ride the stationary bike to help keep the legs flexible and toned. Don

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