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Holy Cow....Look At This


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Last night I happened upon a neat website called The Daily Plate. One of its features is a listing of popular restaurant dishes and their food values. I typed in "Don Pablo's" and was appalled at the numbers that appeared for the Chicken Caesar Salad:

1,563 calories (that's a day's worth!)

85 grams of carbs (I'm choking as I write this)

118 grams of fat (I don't even wanna think about it!)

I didn't venture any further into the site, but I bet it's just full of surprises...


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Some of these numbers are enough to scare us into dieting!!! I have checked out some of my favorite foods and resturants. It's unbeliveable how many calories some of these dishes have. I love Red Lobster's Crab Alfredo and already knew that it couldn't be good for you. Dennis used to refer to it as "heart attack on a plate." Well...it has over 1100 calories per serving...and I'm not even going to mention the fat grams and carbs...lol! Guess that will be one of those foods I just have to bid farewll to. What's something you need to give up that you really love???

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I don't think there are really any foods that I need to give up, just exercise some portion control......where have I heard that before!!!

Bread and potatoes are are very favorite things to eat, especially a french fry sandwich, so if I'm to be honest with myself that should be controlled at the very least!

I've just let out a huge sigh here......the diet or should I say life style change starts next week.

Wish me luck


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Aha at last one bad habit i never got into on a regular basis. I maybe go out and eat once every 2 week's. But i have seen skinny people become fat from a regular diet of restaurant food. But in my drinking day's i did eat alot of tavern food....

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