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A Great Gift


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Whether you are currently battling, surviving or providing care for someone with lung cancer take the time to pamper yourself. I went for my first ever one hour long body massage this afternoon and I think I am addicted. I was apprehensive at first that some of the pains I have would be aggravted but I found out quite the contrary. I came home feeling like a warm pool of liquid. By the time I left I had decided I was so worth this investment that I scheduled me another one for next Thursday. Once we get all the kinks our of my shoulders, etc. I will probably go once a month for the rest of my like. I did not go to fancy place but to a small room in a woman's house that lives in my small town. She was very kind and made me feel comfortable with the situation. I have already decided that I need to save my pennies and give massages as birthday or xmas gift because many people will not be that self indulgent. I can not think of person more deserving than those of us that write on this message board. :lol:

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I went for my first ever one hour long body massage this afternoon and I think I am addicted.

That is precisely why I won't go for a massage! I'd love it too much. :lol: We have two family members who are CMT's, so it's a nice family perk. Tony does go occasionally. He especially enjoys Reiki.

Good for you! You DO deserve it. :D


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I started getting a 1/2 hr massage 2 x a week about 5 weeks ago at my chiropractors office. My insurance pays for it. Imagine that. It's called thearapy when it's in a Docters office. Since then I have felt my scar healing, my numbness leaving and my muscles come alive from my surgery. Going to 1x a week now. And you all are so right, we certainly deserve it. Check your insurance. I've been going to a chiro for years and they never told me. This is a new guy and I was just goofing around and asked if insurance would cover it. They checked and they do. Whooooo!!!

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