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I'm really scared


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I'm really scared tonight. Doug has been getting weaker and weaker for the past week. Thank God, we're seeing the oncologist tomorrow for his regular chemo session. He was feeling great a week ago, but now he is so weak he just wants to sleep all the time. His appetite is nothing and it's all I can do to get him to eat. He is complaining of pain in his stomach and has diarreah. I knw he has had a staph infection, but he won't take his latest antibiotic, Clindamycin, because he believes that this is what is causing his stomach problems. He only took 4 tablets, the last 1 week ago and hasn't taken any since, but since he was feeling pretty good before the took it, he believes this caused all his problems. I'm afraid it isn't the meds, but maybe his cancer has come back stronger. I know I'm just reaching out tonight, and hopefully tomorrow the Onc will be able to allay some of my fears, but right now I just feel so scared. Anyone out there, please help!!

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don't be scare! Feeling weak is normal as the chemo side effect is accumulated. Sleeping all day long is normal. Try to give your husband some fluid-like food such as ENSURE milk etc.

For the stomache problem, i don't know as I am not a doctor, should follow what doctor tells you. Hope this helps!

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I agree-encourage the ensure type liquids. Also see about getting the Dr to let him have some meds for his stomach-compazine, zofran. And for the diahrea try imodium or lomotil. The Dr can prescribe these and give instructions on there use. Good luck, also the sleeping is really normal.

Tell the Dr about him not taking the antibiotic, there are others not so hard on the GI system.

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