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Just when you think....... (Update)


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Thanks for all of your words of love and support. I always know that I can count on all of you for support and just the right words to help me through dark days. Over the weekend, I must have read these notes a hundred times. This morning, I feel really good about finding them. After four years, I feel blessed to have been reminded of Dennis' love. So...today is a "happy day" for me.

Just when you think life is better and the pain from losing someone you love is less, it can all come right back and hit you like a freight train...head on. When Dennis died, I had gone through his papers to mainly look for important documents that I needed, like the titles for the work trucks that I needed to sell. For four years now, I have kept all of the paperwork in a couple of boxes and have never thought about going through them piece by piece. Last night, my son needed some paperwork from those boxes. I found myself sitting on the floor, opening each little piece of paper. Well, in the midst of all the papers, I found five notes that Dennis had written to me during his illness. Today, my heart is broken all over again, as I realize how much he loved me and how hard it was for him to say goodbye.

Today is definitely an "I need hugs" day for me.

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Hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, Ann :cry: . You knew how much Dennis loved you.....this is just a very REAL reminder of it and it makes you sad all over again that he is gone.

I know you feel the love in those notes........hope you can try to get past sadness to realize how lucky you have been to have such a wonderful man. Some NEVER get that in their entire lives.

Not sure it makes you feel better today, but I am vibing positive energy and lots of love to help you through.



PS: Isn't it amazing where you found those notes? He obviously didn't want you to discover them right away. He was some guy!

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I'm not usually a ((((hugs)))) typing guy...but because you are asking...

(((Hugs))) to you today. I couldn't imagine.

I know when I was going through stuff I found gifts for our children we don't have yet...it is kind of a devastatingly wonderful hurt...if that makes any sense.

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A Big Hug just for you....such a roller coaster ride....

Although the notes bring sad tears, what a wonderful

memory of his love.....I love the words on your posts:

"Each time we embrace a memory, we meet once again with those we love ~

for the heart never forgets."

I guess you were meeting once again with Dennis....

Take care,


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I just found your post today.

Although I am sure it was very emotional to find those sweet notes from your Dennis, what a great gift it was! How sweet that he thought to put his feeling into words so you would find them at some point "down the road". Just gives us alittle more insight into what a truly wonderful and special husband you had. Much Love, Sharon

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