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My MRI today


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Hi everybody,

Had an MRI of my spine today since I have been complaining about sciatica-type pain and discomfort and I have been worrying about spinal cord compression.

I have a doctor/friend/oncologist who always gets the reports before my doctor does, so she called me up. No spinal cord compression and nothing that needs urgent treatment. I have disease in T11, L3(?) which I already knew about, but also in S1 and S2, which is apparently my butt bones - no wonder! Also, noticed disease in illium and right hip bone.

She also said one tumor in the back bone is "heading out," but apparently, its heading anteriorly (towards the inside of my body [away from spine]).

While I am happy that there is nothing pressing against my spine, I fear I may have progressed. I am trying to hold off the anxiety until my doctor, who has more experience and access to all my old scans, can give it to me straight, but I don't remember anything in my tailbone and I've been hoping a) for some residual chemo effect and B) tarceva might shrink some disease.


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Thanks for letting us know. I'm glad that you followed up pretty quickly. You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you sort through this. I was in NYC last week and thought of you!

Aaron, don't give up or become too discouraged! Next year, or the year after, You are going to be telling others how you managed through this successfully.

Hang in there!

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Talked to the Doc. He said "well, we knew you had some spots in your bones. you had a back mri back in august. the one today was taken at a different place and its difficult to match both up perfectly, but I don't really see a difference."

Long of the short of it: Doesn't seem to be any new disease. My doc also was glad that the pain I had, which prompted this whole scan, has subsided by itself.

So, I am taking this as status quo and I am, perhaps optimistically, hoping that the fleeting pain indicates a response from the Tarceva.

My doc said that some people have "incredible" responses to Tarceva and he hopes that I'm in that group. I should have told him that I've met a bunch of them on LCHELP!

all my best,


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Hi Aaron: after just 6 weeks on tarceva & avastin my husband's ct scan showed disease stable and a slight reduction. Side effects were real bad joint & body pain. Most days he couldn't get out of bed. Hang in there. The treatment is tough but I hope & pray it's worth it for you. Good Luck & God Bless


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Hi Aron,

I hope the Tarceva puts you into the catagory where the numbers are successful.

Fingers crossed for this to work for you. Stay optimistic as that is the type of person you. I am proud to know.

Hang strong!

Maryanne :wink:

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