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LC is everywhere!!!!!!!!!!


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I am stunned speachless. I cant believe the amount of LC cases that are coming out of nowhere!!!

Today. I found out three more people, 2 I know dearly and yet another I am related to have been diagonosed with lung Cancer. 1 at stage 3b and the other 2 at stage 4.

My cousin who is 45 thought she was having a heart attack. she was rushed in and they said no heart attack. its pneumonia,,,,,long story short, the fluid they drained ....filled with cancer cells. more tests....stage 3b NSC lung cancer.

my next door neighbor....found out yesturday. Stage 4 LC given 6 months without treatment on the high side. My best friends grandfather stage 4 with about 3 months time frame approx.

What scares me is this doesnt effect me now like it did when it was mom and dad and my father in law. they only lasted 3 - 6 months and I look at theses 3 new people and I see them gone in less than 6 months. I talk to them about treatments and hope all the while my mind is telling me to prepare for their funerals.

LC is a thief. it robs the patient, the family, the friends but mostly it robs one's soul. It takes away your innocence and leaves a nasty burning hole inside. You can never go back from pre-LC in your life. It will never be the happy-no worry's life it once was.

no real reason for my rant. I just wanted to Bi-ch out loud.

I think i need a labotomy to give up my glass half empty, no silver lining, lights dont work on the brightside, synical self now.

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You don’t have to accept the prognosis that the doctors hand out. I refer to them as WAGS. There are many of us here that have been around a lot longer than what their doctor thought were possible. The best thing you can do for your friends is to help them find out about the people that are beating this disease. All the support that you can give them will help. I know you feel helpless, but yes you can help them survive and live with cancer or reach a cure.

Stay positive, :)


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It seems like cancer is everywhere. And not just smokers. My friend's dog just got 4 weeks to live--lymphoma. The dog had a good life, no smoke anywhere. I read that dogs in FLA often get diagnosed with nasal cancer because of all the pesticides in the grass.

My mom has LC; and my stepdad's first wife, also got diagnosed with it a few weeks ago. I think it is the toxins in the food, the chemicals we are exposed to, any number of environmental hazards. A friend's husband died of pancreatic cancer at age 41. No history of smoking, but he was in the Navy--so who knows what he was exposed to.

Another friend's husband has bone cancer, dx age 49--has been through the bone transplant and is now in remission. It was many tough months though, broken hip, ribs etc. He was also in the Navy and exposed to many chemicals, especially back in the day. So, the VA gave him full disability because it was clearly related to the Navy--but what does that do if you don't have much time to live?

So, we have made many medical advances...but what kind of poisons are the corporations creating? Watch the movie "The Corporation," if you are interested. Another friend's parents are in Chesire, OH. The town was bought out by a power plant and subsequently destroyed. The residents suffered all kinds of health problems, but as a small community of rural citizens, they did not have the resources/money to fight the power plant. It was the first time in history that a corporation ACTUALLY purchased a town.

A friend said that the planet works like humans do. In the same way human bodies try to fight off disease, the planet is trying to kill what is killing it. And what is killing the planet is humans. So with all the toxins, the planet is trying to kill us too so it can get healthy again.

It is all very sad.

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