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I just wanted to say that Dr. West is a blessing to this site, every time I read a response he has made to one of us, he talks in ENGLISH and we all know how it is to talk to a doctor when they use the big medical terms and you leave the office shaking your head. So Dr. West keep up the good work and terminology you use. We appreciate you...

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Dr. West, I think your ONE IN A MILLION! :wink: Even though right now I am cancer free and not having any issues with my survivorship, I think all that you offer here is FANTASTIC!! Your kind and caring way is GREATLY APPRECIATED in more ways then you know.


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We all want to make a contribution. We all spend our time and effort here because it gives us satisfaction to help people and provide something, perhaps especially so when you can make a unique contribution. Of course, between here and OncTalk, it's a time commitment, but many people have their own labors of love, their websites fueled by their love of a hobby or whatever... I have no love for lung cancer, but knowing that I'm providing a resource that people do value and don't feel is readily available elsewhere does provide good motivation.

As an update, I'm having more of a problem than I might have hoped with getting funding for OncTalk, but this isn't a plea for you to reach for your wallet. I set up OncTalk as simply as possible, as a private LLC (limited liability corporation), which is easier and less expensive than several other options. However, most of the pharma companies, and also some other potential charitable sources like the Gates Foundation, seem very eager to help but have channels just for a 501c non-profit organization (which is a lot more of a financial and time commitment in organizing and maintaining), not a private company. Anyway, I'm quite confident that something will be worked out. I may work to develop a non-profit foundation dedicated first and foremost to cancer edication, not just for lung cancer. I need to talk with some people who know about the non-profit world, because I'm in over my head. The idea would be to perhaps have OncTalk content/format, including information on other cancers provided by other experts, but also several other formats/offerings of cancer information from other sources that I'm thinking about. Another option would be to work through my own institution, Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, which is a non-profit, and perheps develop a separate initiative in partnership with other sources to develop a definitive source for health care information for patients and families. I would also envision having direction in a non-profit initiative from a wide range of people, and if I am part of the development process, I would be delighted to have Katie and very likely have representation from patients and/or others directly affected by cancer as part of the board of directors for the foundation.

Obviously, I don't want to detract from or compete with the other extremely valuable non-profit entities doing great work in lung cancer. I do hope that instead we can all galvanize to do more great things together than we could achieve separately.

Anyway, at this point I'm just reviewing possibilities, but I'd like to come up with a sustainable plan that also increases overall cancer education offerings as well, beyond what I can do as just one oncologist. I'd like to develop a process to integrate more experts to provide helpful information for lots of patients/families on several kinds of cancers. That's my ideal world scenario.

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