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Jeannine passed away March1st...

Marco Jo

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Hey Everyone-

My sister, Jeannine passed away Thursday at noon... She had a rough night, pain med every hour. I left her room to go downstairs for my sonogram, and her breathing was a little agitated. I asked the nurse to try to reposition her so she could breathe better. My nephew was in the room with her. I returned an hour later ready to tell her that her nephew was doing well (I am 28 weeks along), and her pastor and the nurse were in the room as well. She had just taken her last breath. It was such a surprise. Although I knew it was coming, I expected more notice. They though it would be a few more days or weeks.

I am grateful that she is at rest- I did not want her to suffer any longer. It was heartberaking to her unable to use her body.She was very frustrated. She was a dancer growing up, and loved to do yoga. She was in so much pain. I know she is dancing and flying free now...But I will miss her so much.

Marco Jo

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I am so very sorry to hear of your sister. I have two sisters and I cannot imagine what you are going through. I pray that your little one brings you much comfort and joy, however bittersweet. He will help you heal as time goes on...

Sending thoughts and prayers your way...

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