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Getting to Know You - March 5


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How many are on your key ring?

I just counted and I have 10. It's no wonder why my purse is so heavy. I have homekeys, office keys, post office box keys (home & work) and car keys.


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geez, I have 11..

vehicles, work keys (too many places of employment I guess :wink: ). Plus my vehicle remote.

The only thing I don't have on there is my house. I don't lock my house. I've never locked my house. I don't even have a key to any of the doors.. I'm sure they gave me one when I bought it. humm.. probably in the junk drawer :shock:

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Hmmm...I keep my house locked and depend on a battery-powered garage door opener to get in. Might be a blonde thing....LOL

TAMMY! I don't know where the heck you live, but you NEED to lock your darn doors! This is no longer 1953 and there are some really crazy freakin' people out there, you sure don't want to wake up dead some day! (Okay, read that with the irony it was intended to have, get it? "Wake up dead"???)

I have the remote for the car, three keys to various doors of my house, a barn key, two lockbox keys, three keys to my parents' house (one of them doesn't work, but they all look the same and I never think to remove it when I can test 'em!) and thank God, just an electronic security badge for work that I wear on my person... and I remember in high school when the KEY RING was the popular thing - I had one key and at any given time at least FIFTEEN key rings attached to it in some way...glad to see the legwarmers and "personality" key rings find their way out of my wardrobe...LOL

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