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I think the time for a Hospice is near

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Today my Dad is in a very bad way. Just spoke to Mum, she said he is talking and rambling, and none of it is making any sence. She has had to sit with him all day. He can't do anything for himself now. When the hospice was mentioned a few weeks ago, he got upset and did not want to got when the Doctor asked him to go.

Maybe he won't have much of a choice left open to him or us now.

I feel frightened for him, not knowing if he can make sence of anything or what is happening to him.

All the family came at the weekend to see him, maybe that will be the last time. I want to remember him as I saw him yesterday, but we have to see it through for his sake.

Had to get this down and out of my head Thankyou.

Sonia uk

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Cancer can not take away the memories. Hold on to them, share them now with him and your fsmily. They can strenghten you and him both. Remember how blessed you are that you shared him, dont focus on anything less

Totally understanding your time. My own Dad - Heart Disease 2002 at 56 years young.

Beat it.

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