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Follow up Bone Scan


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Hello All,

Well, unfortunately the bone scan revealed several more areas of mets to the bones since the January scan and hubby will begin chemo treatment with Topotecan on Wednesday. It looks like he will go once a week for 3 weeks then one week off. Not sure how many cycles. He will also get Zometa once a month.

He was really starting to feel pretty good, so having to start treatment again, even though it's not a surprise, is very disappointing. To say the least, he's a little bummed out, but has an overall pretty good attitude.

Would love lots of prayers for him.


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Tell "Hubby" I'm glad he decieded to try chemo again. I understand why he was hesitant. The last thing I want to do is go through all "that" again. Only the person that has gone through it can make the desision to do it again. I hope that this treatment does the trick and he's done with the chemo soon. Praying that the side effects are minimal and the "Kick a**" is strong. Hugs, Liz

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So sorry to hear your husband is heading back to treatment. :(

Alan had the same "down" feeling when he had to start

treatment again (after going a year without it). It

can be just as hard on them emotionally as physically

I will pray the treatments are successful in beating

back the beast.

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