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Been in hospital 5 days--am home now.


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I am home from the hospital. The MRI showed mets to the brain. I am now going under radiation every day for 10 times. No more headaches and no more vomiting. :D My daughter and her children spent the week end with me. Had a family picture taken. It was GREAT! I am feeling a lot better and they say I will keep improving. I am very fortunate to have to wonderful caregivers who love me very much! (((((( hugs ))))))) Estelle

Love Estelle

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Oh Estelle,

So sorry to hear you were in the hospital. I thought maybe you and Dave G 8) had run off together! Don't do that again! You have someone come on here and let us know you are sick next time (I'm going to be real embarrassed :oops: if someone tells me I missed this somewhere).

You know you are our favorite chat room participant!!!

Hugs & kisses too

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Great to hear from you! Thank goodness you are feeling better! Glad to hear the professionals think things will progress in a positive direction and that you have a loving support system close at hand. Enjoy your headache-free days!

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