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Need some advice...


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I read somewhere in the message boards about all of the vitamins and minerals that were good for people with cancer. I remember reading someone had them done in an IV. Does anyone know where the information is on this? I can't find it again.

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Of course don't do vitamins without asking your dr b/c some can interfere with treatment.

Even on my own not cancer related, I had no idea that taking my Iron pill with Calcium counterbalanced each other.

Always best to check wtih the docs

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there is a member here (Ernie), screen name enrol)...he sent me this:

For my full story, plus my supplements and diet, Go to My Story Forum and click on “Ernie’s Story Stage IV”. You will also find a list of all the things that I believe helped me beat my cancer along with my story of my journey through treatment and remission. If you have any questions PM or email me. .

Ernie is very open and detailed about everything he has done and is doing in his fight.

I wish the best to you and yours


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