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Getting to KNow You - March 6


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Be honest now, and give this some thought before answering:

Are you easy or difficult to get along with? Which of these best describes you.

1. Oh, I'm absolutely a dream!

2. I can't even get along with myself! lol!

3. People tell me I'm difficult, but I think they're the ones with the problems.

4. I know I can be difficult, but I make up for it with many redeeming traits.

5. Usually I'm easy to get along with as long as I'm treated properly.


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Well, I am so sorry to say I am NOT a #5 :? !!!!! I am envious of all you 5's out there. I would say I am a #4.

Hey Ann.............I LOVE you on the BIKE :lol: !!!!!! You even have Taner Dog on the back1 Doesn't get any better than that, now, does it!

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Guess it would have to depend on the day of the week...lol!

On Monday to Thursday, 8-5, I'm probably a "2"

Friday....I'm almost always a "5"

Weekends...I'm a definite "1"

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