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Finding options to surgery


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My mother was diagnosed with NSCC, we have found that it has not spread. Doctors are wanting to take out the lower lobe of the lung, major surgery and there are concerns regarding how frail my mother is.

It just boogles the mind that Doctors don't tell you all the options out there regarding surgery. I guess if they refer you to someone else they lose big money as well as the hospitals and I'm sure just a little ego as well. My family has experienced this in several ways, hysterectomeys as well as back surgery, unbeliveable what they don't tell you. You have to do your own research because they don't tell you all your options. I guess I always thought they were only looking out for you, but obviously not....

We have found in St. Louis a doctor who can remove her lobe with minimally invasive surgery. 2-3 day hospital stay and some people are back to work in a couple of weeks vs 6-7 day hospital stay and months of recovery. The proceedure is called VATS, video assisted lung and heart surgery. They say that not only is recovery is quicker, but the patient's survivor rate is higher than traditional surgery, they feel because the patient is not trying to recover from the surgery with all the side effects ect...

I just thought I'd pass it along, I did not see anything on your message board when we were first trying to find some different options other than traditional surgery, chemo and radiation.

Thank you all for your information, it has helped in dealing with this. I just don't understand why a lung scan is not a standard test along with our yearly mammogaphy...


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I believe the surgeon base their procedures on what is best for the situation and patient.Each case is somewhat different. Sometimes VATS is not do- able due to location or other complications related to that case. So they may have to do a more invasive surgery to assure a good outcome.We all want good outcomes..I think they the doctors/ specialists should explain to the patient the entire procedure and possible alternate senarios. That way you can be part of the decision making process . I don't think surgeons are performing needless surgeries just to get $$.There are hospital review boards that would definitely question why if that were the case I am certain. Good luck finding a good doctor and the right surgery for your mom's best outcome.

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The VATS procedure has been very popular here at LCSC. If you wish to do a Search you will find a lot of discussion here regarding the VATS procedure. I don't think it's that doctor's don't want to tell you about it, but rather that a lot of doctors just don't do it. It always helps to get a second and third opinion most times.

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