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I needed a good cry today,to let go of all my sad feelings. It did me good,a relief to let all my emotions from the last few weeks come out of me.

I now feel I can carry on with what is in front of us.

Saw Dad today, he seems very confused, saying and thinking strange things,as if he is dreaming,it's if he can't make out what is real. Talking to himself alot. He still know's who and what we are saying to him and answers us ok.

All this started yesterday, but since this occured he doesnot seem to be in as much pain as he was before.

If the confusion should get really bad then we will have to bring the Doctor in to see what can be done.

Thought we might need the help from the hospice, but we don't just yet after all. The hospice team will just watch over him so he can stay at home with his family.

My prayers are with all the friends I have made who also have cancer in their lives.Thankyou Sonia UK XXX

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I'm glad to hear the pain is better. Hopefully it remain this way and dad will be home with his family for some time. I am glad our support is helpful, Sonia. This is a very difficult journey and it is good to have those who know accompany us on it.


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