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Hi everyone. The last time I posted my dad's small cell had moved to the brain. He went through his radiation and kept on fighting! It worked and he is walking a straight line again! Now however, this past week, he took a down turn and is now on oxygen. Docs thought he might have pneumonia but ruled it out after chest xray and he really didn't have the signs of it. I had it twice in my life, my son had it twice in his 16 years and had crazy fever with it. So they sent him home with some new meds and oxygen with an appointment in 5 days. Today, hospice nurse came in and he had 101 fever, oxygen was low and he just can't seem to "get the air in" as he says. Has anyone with small cell had experience with pneumonia and how was recovery?

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My Dad LS-SCLC has been in the hospital since 10/02/2006 developed pneumonia after his second EP chemo round back at around Christmas time, and I think he is just getting over it now.

He has been on Vancomycin almost non-stop since Oct06 because he is constantly developing infections (blood, urinary track, PICC line, lungs)

The longest I can remmeber him being off an antibiotic without spiking fevers is like 3 days.


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My dad had pneumonia afterwards. It was scary, but he stayed in the hospital. Once he was able to eat, and have something to "fight" with, it got better. The only thing that bothers me about your email is that they are waiting a week...I wish it were just a few days. I hate the waiting!!!



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