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Hi All Ha posted a few days ago about the results any one had while on gemzar. Had been on it for 3 months . Went today for another session and the onc. cancelled will start next week on taxatere as my scan of 2 weeks ago showed 2 new lesions to the lungs. they felt gemzar was not doing me any good. My tumor in the lung is stable. Any one who has been on taxatere find any problems with it i just looked at some of the side effects seems like it is a potent drug. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks Carlton

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My Buddy was on Taxotere and had no problems with it. He took it once every three weeks for 3 sessions. Of course he was on it for mets to the liver which ended up that the dr was wrong with how he read the scan report, and the radiologist as to how he wrote the report, for there are no mets in the liver, - - just two cysts that have been there before this cancer nightmare started....

I haven't read on here any bad report on Taxotere. There was a report in today's paper regarding Taxotere. That it is one of the leading chemo drugs to fight breast cancer. I believe the dr did tell us that. they are now using it to fight lung because of the outcome with breast cancer...

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Guest macjanice

Hi Carlton, My husband is on taxotere. He had his second treatment on Tues. He is also taking carboplatin. The only real side effect is the fatigue but I understand that this is a side effect of most treatments. He sometimes complains that everything taste likes metal but he is not sick. Hope this helps. God Bless!!

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