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very bloated, Fluid buildup in stomach?

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My husband scls with mets to brain and liverhas been very bloated for 3 weeks and in much pain, Our onc sent us for an x-ray and said he was very constipated in the small intestine which is behind the stomach and making him look pregnant, He prescribed Reglan which he said with help the stomach and intestine to contract, he hasn't had much relief, we have been back 2 times with the same problem, he is in intense pain, we had chemo yesterday, today and tomorrow, they called today and said they were putting him in to see the doctor, the doctor discontinued chemo and prescribed a laxative,

we are coming up on all of our scans on Thursday and he said maybe there was fluid build up and if so they could drain it out for instant relief. He then said he felt the chemo wasn't doing the job it should be or this was a side-effect of the chemo? I wasn't at the appt. I had taken him in and dropped him off for chemo as it takes 5 hrs. They have given up oxycodone 5mg. and hydrocodone 5/325 and have said to give him 2 oxycodone every 4 hrs. it isn't really helping much. I am so frustrated with this, it's bad enough having cancer but all of these side effects from the stuff they use to save your life, has anyone had any experience with any of this or any suggestions?? He was also very dehydrated and had two days of iv fluid

Hope this makes sense, I think my brain is really jumbled trying to figure all this out.

Thanks Loretta

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Codeine can be constipating; I believe that is what is in the oxycodone. It is hard to avoid this with a lot of the pain meds; usually they warn you of this when you get your prescription filled. Hopefully this is not the culprit and the chemo is doing its job!

Laxatives can take a few days :shock: to work. Hopefully this issue will resolve itself very soon.


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The fluid may be due to the liver and when drained he will feel much better. As far as the constipation, someone needs to make sure he isn't impacted-- that is extremely serious and will cause a lot of pain. If he isn't getting help from the laxatives, you might want to get him in to your PCP or the ER.

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