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Newly Diagnosed


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Hello - my name is Lynne Flood and I was diagnosed last week with lung cancer. I am 57 years old and smoked for 30 years. I quit smoking a month and a half ago. I can't say that this is necessarily coming as a surprise but the timing has.

So far a bronchostopy has only validated that the mass has not broken through the bronchial wall but I will have another bronch this week w/a needle biopsy. The mass is located at just about the junction of all the blood vessels so the surgeon feels that a total lung removal would be necessary. I have a couple of complications however - a heart condition (heart attack in 2000) w/two stents and I'm high borderline in the breathing tests. They feel that it is probably "more Stage II than Stage I" and we are not sure what type of cancer it is yet. Maybe....just maybe what the Pet Scan lit up was a lingering bronchitis infection I had the first part of Feb. Don't think so but if wishes were fishes.......

We are reeling right now and I'm still trying to come to grips with all of this. I don't know what will happen next.........the funny part of this is....I feel fine.

Thanks for letting me share and I hope to talk with all of you again.

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[laflood]...the funny part of this is...I feel fine...

That's very common, Lynne. It's one reason diagnosis comes so late for so many of us. But assuming your biopsy confirms cancer, it appears that it was caught early enough for surgery to be an option -- which (as strange as it may seem) is considered good news with this disease.

When you get a more complete diagnosis, be sure to give us the details. A convenient way to do that and keep everyone updated is in a "profile" like you see at the bottom of most of our messages. Saves you a lot of repetitive typing whenever you want to post a question or comment.

Welcome to the LCSC. You'll find plenty of knowledge and support here, I guarantee. Aloha,


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There are many things that will show on a PET scan. Until you get all the tests done you will not know for sure. After you get all the results you may be interested in getting a second opinion from one of the leading cancer centers. That is what I did and I would recommend it. Keep us posted.

Stay positive, :)


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You sound a lot like me when I began this journey, Lynne. It appears as if you are getting a good evaluation of what is what. Maybe you might even consider a second opinion before making any final decisions as to tx. If you read my story in the My Story forum, you will see that I got 4 opinions.

So I would like to officially welcome you. I will keep my eye out for all your updates as you start along this road with all of us.


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Hi Lynne,

Sorry you have the need to find us, but I'm glad we are here for you. Just wanted to share with you that I am a one lunger. I had my left lung removed 11+ years ago. (see my profile below).

Every time a new members joins us, I remember back when I was first dx.d with my lc and how scared I was. Our lives turned up side down. But, I'm happy to report, after a while we got back to what we all call the (New) norm. :wink: Had a lot of bumps along the way, but low and behold I pulled through them all so far.

For what it's worth, I have heard of people with worse health issues then you and have come through a pneumonectomy(one lung removed) just FINE! :wink::wink: So, I'm going to send you some Positive Vibes and Good Wishes.

I had the same needle guided biopsy done that your having done. That's what found my cancer. I'll hope that your's isn't cancer. Did they think it could even be sarcidosis? They thought at first that might be what mine was. They just added it to the what could it be list! :roll::wink:

Hang in there, and keep us posted. I quit smoking the day of my lung surgery. :roll::oops: I don't miss them. Good luck!

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Hi Lynne.

Sorry you had to find us, but glad you did. If you have any questions please ask.

If you have stage 1 or II both is operable which makes you very lucky. Only 1 in 4 is operatble.

Please know that so many people on here have walked in your shoes. Early stage is curable. Please know that. Try not to worry too much. You will get through this. Let us help you through this.

Hang strong! You will be fine.

If your diagnosis after the operation is stage 1B or above, please take chemo. Even if you are just staged with IB as you have a choice at that point. Take the chemo as a preventive measure. Better safe than sorry. Chemo is very doable.


Maryanne :wink:

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