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After meeting with a the pulmonolgist who was to do my biopsy, my husband and I decided to be referred to the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle. They are in the top 10 of the country and have the latest technology. We just felt that the pulmonologist was too skeptical about being able to get results, kept saying that he would be "going in blind" and has a real risk of hitting the artery AND has only been in practice since January of this year! Didn't want to hurt his feelings but if I'm going to have this type of procedure done I want someone who has done it 1000 times! The second reason was that the U of W has a team approach - from diagonis to treatment to follow-up. I like that approach better than hoping individual doctors share all of my information and needs in a timely manner. I meet with the doctor and team next Wednesday. Keeping our fingers crossed till then.


P.S. To put your medical "timeline" down, do you put it in the signature box?

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Sounds like you have made an excellent decision, Lynne. Best of luck when you get there. I'm with you...........I want my doc to have done 1000 of the same procedure BEFORE he gets to me!

When you get in the Profile section....just fill in the box provided with your info.

I'm feeling so positive for you.......good for you!


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Hi Lynne: You are in good hands at UW. I think the Swedish Tumor Institute is also a good place to go. They will soon have a bronchoscopy procedure available called SuperDimension Bronchus. It uses gps equipment that tracks a magnet at the tip of the probe. They should be able to navigate anywhere in the lung with it. Up to now, a bronchoscopy has been restricted to the upper third of the lung. I don't know if UW has that system yet or not.

Here are some links:



Don M

I was born in Bremerton.

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[laflood] To put your medical "timeline" down, do you put it in the signature box?

Yes, click "My Profile" at the top, scroll down to the "Signature" block, enter/update your information, and ensure "Always attach my signature" is marked "Yes."

Excellent decision on the switch to UW for a team approach. But I also think your first pulmonologist deserves a lot of credit for making it easy for you to change. Maybe you should write him a nice thank-you note in a couple of weeks and let him know how the procedure went. He's apparently more concerned about his patients than his ego and may be a great doctor some day.

Best wishes and Aloha,


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