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I am a 39 year old female diagnosed with stage 4 nsclc. I am undergoing chemo and it appears to be shrinking the primary tumour they can see on the xray.

I am in Canada and am wondering about radiation treatment after chemo but my oncologoist doesnt seem on board as the cancer is incurable. I just want the best chance I have to live as long as I can.

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Hi Nikki,

Sorry you had to seek us out, but glad you did. We are here to help you and answer your questions.

Unfortunately, I canot answer yours as I do not know about radiaiton. But hang in there, you will get answers.

I am sorry for your diagnosis, I know how scared you are. But there are people on here who are stage IV and are doing fine.

Keep the faith and know that we are here for you. All of us here are either a caretaker or the victim who has walked in your shoes. You are never alone here.

Please keep us posted on how your treatments are going.


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I am so sorry that you had to seek us out, but I am so, so glad that you have. I dont' know much about NSCLC, but I can tell you that I am a huge advocate for second opinions. I have learned, oftentimes through this site, that I need to be an advocate for my own healthcare at times, and that might mean trying something new or different - scary as that might be!

God bless you! Stay strong!


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Hi, and welcome to the LCSC! Here's hoping the tumor continues to shrink, and while perhaps not technically curable at this time, can be managed well enough to not unduly hamper your lifestyle. You'll find plenty of NSCLC Stage III and IV folks on this site successfully "living with cancer."

When you get a chance, please start a "profile" of your symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, and test results like you see at the bottom of most of our messages. Click "My Profile" at the top, scroll down to "Signature," enter/update your information, and ensure "Always attach my signature" is marked "Yes." Will save you a lot of repetitive typing each time you post a question or comment.

Best wishes and Aloha,


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Read Ernie's story (enrol). Throw anything you can at this disease, who's to say you're incurable, it COULD happen.

Don't just roll over and let 'em give up on you before the fight even begins, get a second opinion.

Fortitude to you!

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Welcome Nikk,

Sorry you had to find us, but this is a good place for information. Also check out Dr. West's website at Onctalk.com. He is an oncologist associated with Lungevity & LCSC who specializes in lung cancer. You can ask him questions on his website.

As far as radiation following chemo for stage IV, it depends on a lot of variables outside the realm of my knowledge. Some doctors will do it as a palliative measure to ease breathing or pain connected with a tumor. My husband did have radiation to nuke one tumor that grew while all the other tumors were shrinking.

I'm also not sure what the treatment protocols are in Canada, but we do have many Canadians and others with national healthcare on these boards. I'm sure they'll be around to answer your questions.

Glad to know your treatment is working! :D


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Welcome ....we are from Canada too.

My husband was told from our local oncologist that he would not qualify to do any radiation because it would be too dangerous....too much cancer. After bugging I got referral to Sunnybrook in Toronto. He had an appointment there and they said they could radiate but as chemo seemed to be working to his benefit to wait. Unfortunately the chemo stopped working and although stable my husband ran into complications and was hospitalized. We went back to Sunnybrook and he did get radiation - but it was termed as palliative. But it was radiation. It helped with his pain control and for awhile shortness of breath - but his eating has not been good as it has done some damage to his esophogus. So if you are in a smaller community push to see someone in a major center. Please private message me if you want and let me know where you are located and if there is any other support that I can help you with. In the mean time - all the best of luck with the chemo. Heather

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Hi and welcome to a wonderful place on the internet. I received chemo and radiation all at the same time. My cancer was deemed inoperable. Since treatment I have had 2 PET scans and the word I have received is "stable" which is a good thing. I did not have to go for a second opinion because this was their plan from the get-go. Go to Onc-Talk as suggested above and ask Dr. West. Good luck and keep us informed.

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