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I saw the oncologist today because it became obvious over the weekend that my breathing was getting worse again. He sent me for an x-ray this morning to make sure there wasn't something going on there. No change from 2 weeks ago. He told me I could try upping the steroids and see if that helps--I am on a pretty low dose of Prednisone because a low dose was working when this breathing nightmare started. Hopefully that will do the trick and things will improve within a few days.

He is also sending me for a bone scan on Friday--I have had pain in my ribs on the right side since I woke up from surgery in February, but in the last couple of weeks it has seemed worse. It is in a place where it could just be muscular--caused by all the coughing I have done in the last year, but he suggested before I got a chance to that maybe it would be a good idea to do a bone scan at this point. He said he should have the results by Monday morning--much faster than the bone scan I had in Houston in January--that one took a full week! I am optimistic because heating pads do help the pain, but I am still glad to have the test and know for sure. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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Sorry to hear that you are still having pain and short of breath. Mine and your case is almost identical in every way. I too am taking predinsone daily. I started out 3 a day but am down to one a day now. My pain is in my back and under my breast. Hope you get to doing better soon.


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Hope the increase in the Prednisone gives you some much needed relief. And I'm hoping that the bone scan shows no mets. After a long spell of coughing my ribs would hurt, too. Turned out that what had happened was one rib had never healed after the surgery, so I had two broken ends slightly separated. Over time a type of callous formed at each end, but whenever I would have a marathon coughing spell those broken ribs would be gouging me. Not fun, but preferable to bone mets. Hope what is happening to you is equally benign.

Fay A.

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