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I am new here and need some advice


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Hi, my name is Tammy and my sister is being treated for non smallcell lung cancer.I need some place to vent. I have been going to all her doctors appts and

treatments since November.She has a 5 year old son and is a single parent.I have tried to get her to get papers drawn up so that her son is protected if anything happens to her and she refuses.I don't know if she is still in denial or not.any advice on how to get her to do something to protect him would be greatly appreciated.Thank you

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Welcome Tammy,

I am a believer that we all need wills, whether it is lung cancer related or not. It is a fact of life that we will all pass away some day. Is there another person that is close to her that can explain the benefits of having everything in writing? Good luck.

Hugs and prayers


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My Late wifes will, Power of attorney, and all her legal paperwork were on her bedside when she died. UNSIGNED!! we were going to do that the next day and that was a day too late. Luckily for me things were not difficult to handle. WE do not have kids but she needs to get this done. Tell her to think of it as a just in case; not a something bad will happen. If she got hit by a bus tomorrow, how would she feel about the way her affairs are in order right now. Sending Prayers that all this get sresolved sooner rather than later fo everyone's sake, and peace of mind also.

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You could try the approach of telling her where her son would go if something happened (most likely his dad). If that isn't what she wants, she needs to put it in writing. Our doctor was quite frank about telling us it was time to put our affairs in order.

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I agree with all above. Regardless of where you are in life's journey, it is always prudent to have your affairs in order in the event you die suddenly. We had all the trusts, wills, etc. done years ago. Heck, we even purchased 8 cemetery plots and have a monument planned. We then had the medical power of atty & living will instrument signed the night before Tony's surgery. We've reviewed life insurance, etc. since his diagnosis. It isn't pleasant to think about, especially for a younger person, but something that must be done to protect her child or anyone's family. It is difficult to approach someone who is still in denial, so be gentle but persistant.

Best of luck for success for you and your sister.



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