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Costochondritis and Chemo?


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This may be question may be geared more for the medical professionals on the board, but if anyone has been diagnosed with this or knows anything about it -- it would all be ever so helpful.

My mom has been having a shooting pain in her rib area, just below her right breast. The pain has been also knowen to shoot into her arm area. Having been to the doctor and oncologist, they are treating her for a condition called costochondritis. They took numerous chest x-rays and both feel this is what the symptoms are.

After looking the word up on the internet, I found that it is an infection in the ribcage area with symptoms much like my mom described. The doc felt it may be a direct result of her chemotherapy treatments. I am just wondering if any of you have experienced this pain or were ever diagnosed with this costochondritis infection?? The reason I am so worried is due to possible bone mets that they are missing. If I didn't know how common this metastisis was, I wouldn't be so worried. Any insight would be helpful!

Thanks again! Kristy

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Long before I was actually dxd with lung cancer I was treated (more than once) for Costochondritis. It is an inflammation of the cartilage. Mine was located in the area between the breastbone and the collar bones. I actually had a fist sized lump form. I was treated with steroid injections that contained a local anesthetic. It was painful, but it cleared up eventually. The truth is I am questioning the validity of just an XRay in determining if this is really Costochondritis. My doc ordered a CT scan, and that was 16 years ago.

Not sure that what I've told you will be of any help. Hope all works out well for your Mom.

Fay A.

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Hey Kristy,

I actually had costo a few months back..not related to chemo treatments.

They took an X-ray to diagnose...Its one of those medical conditions they label only after they rule everything else out and have no other explanation. The cartilage between my rib cage and sternum was painful and actually visibly swollen. It was painful but then just kind of went away on its own.

Maybe you could ask for a PET scan to help with peace of mind for possible bone mets?

Good luck


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