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Its so sad to watch Dad

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My Dad is still fighting, we are not sure how long his body will beable to carry on. As from Wed he has incontinence troubles,so he now has to wear pads. His pride and dignity is going. He can't help what is happening to him, losing his muscle control.

Mum will not allow him to go to hospital,maybe the hospice, but she wants him to be at home till the end. We are all there to support her with what she wants. She would hate to have him pass away in a hospital bed. I stayed with Dad on Thursday night so Mum could have a good nights sleep. I shall do it again for a few nights next week. My brother is staying this weekend to to help Mum and Dad.

At least Dad doesnot seem to be in too much pain.

Its a day at a time, we have none of us ever been through this cancer journey,but we feel we are doing everything possible to make the time comfortable and as happy as we can for him and us.

I am thinking about Melinda and he husband during my days, all our prayers are with her at this time.

Thankyou Sonia UK XXX

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Sonia, I am so sorry that your Dad is going through such a rough time right now. Lung cancer is a savage beast of a disease and nobody deserves it!

One reason, perhaps, that your Dad is having incontinence could be from drinking an extra large amount of water? I know they keep pushing us all to drink, drink, drink!

It is good and it is kind that you and your brother are there for your parents. That is so very important right now.

Love and prayers for your Dad and the family


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