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Trying to Smile Again


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Hello Everyone,

Tomorrow I'm heading to Florida to celebrate my sister-in-law's 60th Birthday. It's the first time our family has come together since my sister's funeral. I have such mixed feelings. In one way, I want to make this a joyous celebration. In another way, I'm still so very depressed that I can't even imagine celebrating anything.

I thought I was doing much better with the greiving, but last week I took a nosedive (for no particular reason) and now the tears are constant. Can anyone who has been through this lend some advice? I do not want to be a downer. I want to keep striving to be positive and pro-active towards a cure. Geeze I HATE this disease. Ellie (Sis)

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The only thing I can say is it happens to all of us for any and no reason at all. The tears come and go whenever they want and there is little we can do except let it happen. THis is my opinion. Iused to have days like that occasionally, but not as frequent. Have you thought of a Clergyperson? I know you are trying other things right now, but a member of Clergy may offer a different outlook on this strange trip we are on. Good Luck, think of the positive when everyone gets together, more so the better days and times you had together.

Ssending Prayers for a safe trip and happier Days to come. Let me knowif I can help with anything.

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Ellie, I'm so sorry that this is a hard time for you right now. I do know how hard family gatherings can be after losing a family member. And yes, we all do take those "nose dives" from time to time and usually a good cry and someone to talk to about what I'm feeling will help bring me out. I do know that the worst thing you can do is to hold everything inside and "pretend" everything is alright. My advice would be to find a friend of your sister's and just sit down and talk. It's amazing how bringing back good memories with someone who really cares can do for you. I truly hope that you find a way to release some of the pain so you can better enjoy this time with your family.

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