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my father was restaged IIIb - please any positive stories!!!


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Hello Friends,

Today my father was restaged to IIIb which means no surgery tomorrow. Cancer was found in his supraclavicular node and that node was removed but he said he felt more underneath. Surgeon gave us much hope. He said he'd like to see chemo and radiation (he's never had radiation) go through his body to stop the spread. If he and onc ever see a good enough amount of shrinkage he would consider surgery again.

Im looking for some positive IIIb stories. Also, if any of you have any info on Sloan Kettering, Cancer Centers, Mayo Clinic, anything like that. One of my father's problems is because of the stem cell transplant for the lymphoma, his counts are not up where most people's are. So, Im going to ask the oncologist if maybe we should look into something like that.

Any help you can give me tonight is most appreciated.

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I'm sorry about your father. My father was also staged at 3b back in the spring. I remember how discouraged I felt at the time.

His FL doctor said without surgery he'd be lucky to survive 6 months. That was back in February. Since then he has moved back to Maine, found new doctors, and gotten treatment. First they only did chemo because the cancer was too widespread for radiation. He had pleural effusion, had it drained in April, then finally at the end of April began chemo. A CT scan a couple of months ago showed some improvement. The pleural effusion had disappeared, so they began a radiation/chemo combination treatment which lasted 6 weeks.

He handled treatment quite well, with a few semi-miserable side effects. Lost 25-30 pounds, mostly from radiation side effects, but is now eating well and once again enjoying his food. It's been about 2 weeks since his last rad treatment. Also, his cough is much better than it was a few months ago.

Presently my parents are spending several days at their cottage a few hours from here. Before they left, my father built a new work bench, and did some insulating (not sure how smart that was). He's feeling better than he has in a long time and his attitude is good. Who knows what the future will bring, but for now I'm feeling good that he's feeling good and is able to enjoy life once again.

Hope my father's story gives you and your family some hope.

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My PET scan showed some uptake in the supraclavical node, when I was first diagnosed. It does not feel enlarged to the touch. I was given chemo and rad, then evaluated for surgery.

Linda, I am sorry that the surgery has to be put off. I bet that the treatment will work and your Dad will get the surgery! I know time is of he essence when were dealing with cancer. When will the onc start treatment again?


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