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Being supersticious, ignore me


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I can be very paranoid as many know and when I don't post about a test things go hay wire, so I am just doing my ritual and posting that I am off to my 6 month pelvic ultrasound today and yearly mammogram tomorrow. Better be safe than sorry after two years of hormones pumped into me for fertility ;)

Also a reminder for all females to get their tests done ;)

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Good luck with the tests, Andrea. Hey, just remember the old saying about "an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure." It's a good thing be tested and stay healthy, as I'm sure you are!!! Hey...being a mom to twins is not a job for just anyone!

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Thanks :) Mamogram and ultrasound was fine. However the surgeon told me today that there is a new study that over 4 rounds of fertility meds puts you at a high risk and I had 10 rounds of meds. So I go for a boob MRI in 6 months.

On to the next thing to worry about ;)

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