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Keep the prayers coming


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We took my mom for the tap this morning and it went well. She did say she was short of breath this morning though so I talked her into swinging by my hospital for an oxygen test. I had one of my co-workers draw a blood gas, and her oxygen was very low, so oxygen went on, and we took a trip to ER. Her CXR showed imflammation near her tumor, which may be blocking a bronchial tube, so she was admitted to hospital for oxygen therapy. Glad we caught it when we did, but it is just one more thing added to her fluid problem. My dad is much more happy and secure though, he has been having a tough time this last little while. Hopefully, they'll both get rest and get stronger.

Thanks for being there guys,


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Connie and Katie,

Thank you for your warm responses. I sure need the support right now. Praying that the fluid cytology will come back Non-malignant.



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