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Getting to Know You - March 13


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Tight spaces...without a doubt. The only thing worse than being in a tight space is being in a tight space WITH a snake...lol! I'm not sure if I ever told you guys about my MRI experience but if not, it's a story that's good for a really big laugh!

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Each one could be the biggest terror in differing circumstances.

Heights - unprotected, like a cliff, with the rocks sliding underfoot

Insects - crawling on the body and munching away at the flesh like the beetles on "The Mummy" (but when squishable or suck-up-in-the-vacuumable, not so spooky!)

Tight Spaces - only when the control of being able to leave the situation is gone - i.e. falling in an abandoned well or shoved in an MRI machine

Elevators - depends on who is on it!

Dark Rooms - without bugs and snakes, not so scary!

Snakes - if they ain't at the zoo, they're within screaming distance

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