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does anyone know about brachytherapy?


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Hello Friends,

I emailed my father's onc about his new staging. He is recommending brachytherapy. Ive begun researching it, but just wanted to hear from you what you thought. Thank you so much for your prayers and support, this is such a difficult time for us as his surgery wouldve been today.

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My cousin who is stage 4 mouth/neck and now chest area cancer just had the brachiatherapy done 4 weeks ago @ sloan kettering. It was done in his neck and needless to say it was not successful die only to the fact that the cancer had spread outside the area they did the therapy on. They found out 2 weeks after the therapy that new tumors had now grown on his shoulder and chest area now.

so his therapy did no good but it would have had the cancer not spread. Its a uncomfortable procedure for about a week but I encourage any treatments now.

I hope it works quickly for your dad

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Linda, I don't know about this with lung cancer, but I had brachytherapy for recurrent prostate cancer a year and a half ago and it gave excellent results. I had 55 palladium 102 seeds placed in my prostate. It has a half life of about two weeks, so completely degenerated the radioactivity in about three months. I had no real side effects. Don

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Hi Linda,

I have done a lot of reading up on different treatments while I was looking for the best way to treat my Dad's cancer since he was told he could not have surgery. Brachytherapy seems to be a great, relatively new treatment. Normally the patient is put under and the doctor puts a tube (in this case) down the nasal passage and right into the tumor. At this point, they drop a radioactive seed into the tumor and leave it there for about 15 minutes. Then they remove the seed and the tubes. The patient then has minimal recovery time. Traditional radiation was performed on my Dad when his first tumor was found. Brachytherapy was performed on the second one. For what it is worth, when the final results were in, the traditional radiation did nothing for the first tumor but the second one that had been treated with brachytherapy seemed to be responding very well. As a side note, brachytherapy is given in such a high dosage (but concentrated) that the patient can't be having chemo at the same time (according to our doctor). The effects are too great. Knowing what I know now...I wish we had gone with the brachytherapy from the start.

Good luck,


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